has a rich feature set. But which of the latest are you using?
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As of now connectivity status is the champion. This is a little surprising. Did you know that (Android) can tell you the quota of your provider? Not all but many providers support this feature. No more lost email because of ''mail box is full''. Let's see how the poll goes for features.

This poll is running further 5 days. The check of the connectivity status really seems to be important for users. Moreover 55% appreciate the possibility to show classic e-mails. In contrast messages is voted for by one third only. In the other poll multi accounts is leading.

@7daq0 @delta I love the new account switcher. Also, I'm starting to use DC as a normal email client for chatting with people who don't use DC (yet?). I wish there was a feature to merge chats with the same person into one conversation, tho. I've got too many separate conversations with one and the same person who doesn't use DC.

Yes, this is a problem indeed. Methinks if the other side changes the subject like answering to your message will add a ''Re'', then ''Re:Re:…'' may cause a little mess. Haven't checkt the feature requests or issue tracker but I guess @delta will address this in future.

Just tested, sending two separate messages, even with different subjects, to the Delta Chat user results in both messages arriving into a single 1:1 chat. With multiple participants it may be different, but when you chat with one person all conversations are grouped.

Which version of Delta Chat are you using? If this happens on the latest version, please provide more details so we can fix it.

@delta I need to test it a bit more. I recently updated from an old version to 1.26.2 and now I'm not sure if the multiple chats were only occurring before the update.
@7daq0 @technicallypossible

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