has a rich feature set. But which of the latest are you using?
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Please boost.

As of now multi accounts is the champion. Let's see how this poll goes for features.

Hey @delta, at the moment broadcast lists is a frequently requested feature. Looking at the votes only few know or need it. Presumably this will change in future. :blobsalute:

This poll is running further 5 days. Multi accounts is right now leading with 81%. In the other poll are connectivity status really and show classic e-mails features that seem to be important for users.

Broadcasts Lists, as known from other messengers, is an experimental feature (v. 1.24.2 or later). You can test them at “Settings / Advanced / Experimental Features”.

broadcasts android ui by r10s · Pull Request #2060 · deltachat/deltachat-android · GitHub -

@7daq0 Very good to be able to have several email accounts in delta

Ideed. For those who wonder why ?
- One for work. Keep your private address private. Switch to a private account in sparetime. 'Work' is silent then. :blobparty:
- one for family / friends. A private email only your inner circle knows.
- one for other stuff. Use one related to projects neither work folks nor anybody else needs to know.
- ...
Use them simultaneously if wanted.

@7daq0 Very true what you say and so I have it, I use several accounts at once in #DeltaChat each one has its function

@7daq0 Mainly, I'm complpaining about there not being a client for Ubuntu Touch and other mobile Linuxes. Deltachat is the ONLY reason I'm on Android

Drumm rolls. There might be a solution for you (in near future)
Let me introduce you to :blobsalute:
Not perfect, didn't test it but maybe worth a try?

@delta is this the project collaborating with you?

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