A recent poll showed that almost half of the partipants use mobile, the other larger fraction uses mobile and desktop simultaneously.

Now it is time for a clearer picture for mobile users.

My last time with was in 2011. Was fun but didn't support my laptop as good as Linux.

@7daq0 Can totally recommend checking it out again! There has been a lot of progress the past ten years.

If you virtualize it: do not use VirtualBox for OpenBSD - it has some weird issues. Other hypervisors aren't a problem AFAIK. Although Puff likes to swim free, bare metal is the best :)

I have an Eee PC. Methinks this might be fun. Guess I will find another more modern machine too. :blobparty:

@7daq0 Those are perfect. If I remember correctly, @claudiom runs OpenBSD on an Eee PC (if not, apologies Claudio!).

Most amd64 hardware with generic network interfaces tend to work. Personally, I've had very good experiences with Intel interfaces. Both wired (em, xl) and wireless (iwn, iwm, iwx). Non-Intel hardware can be perfect too. Check the manpages to be sure.


I am not a developer, by the way. Just a stoked user for the last two decades. Oh and a permanent 'wearer' of Puffy.

@7daq0 At this moment, it isn't. At least not on OpenBSD, nor on {Hardened|Free}BSD. Deltachat is compatible with other GPG/Autocrypt clients, however. Once it matures (eg, 1.0 release) I will take a look at porting it.

Please keep in mind that the BSD deratives are not "distros" - they each have their own kernel, userland, ports/packages. Thus, if a port is available on one of the BSDs, doesn't mean it is on the other (nor about how trivial it is to port). This means that there is a vast difference compared to, say, Linux.

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