@Ajz @FuckOffGoogleZurich @chaostreff_osnabrueck Thanks for sharing. Sad the list is old and not updated with recent updates in github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/wi

I tried to make a comment in DonsBlog, but it gave error to me. If you can, it would be perfect. Also, for diffusion, it would be great that the explanation would be in English as well, wouldn't it?

@Ajz @FuckOffGoogleZurich @chaostreff_osnabrueck Thanks a lot :) Could you tell too that the list in github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/wi has been updated, please? I have just added 4 from Netherlands and this morning I put the link to the fediverse.blog/~/DonsBlog/vide in that list to make people safer :tux:

@ona @Ajz @FuckOffGoogleZurich @chaostreff_osnabrueck

Hello, this is my Mastodon account, I have memorized the instances and will add them to the list.



I will probably continue to do it by hand, because the wiki is very difficult to read.

Vermutlich werde ich es weiterhin von Hand machen, weil das Wiki nur sehr schwer auszulesen ist.


@Ajz @FuckOffGoogleZurich @chaostreff_osnabrueck

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