Who knows a cool to documents side-by-side? (e.g. keeping in sync via line numbers or manual markers, so that long line wrapping doesn't result in a shift)

I know tools for special language files used in software, but nothing for normal text files (Markdown in my case).

Hints or Boosts welcome.

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BTW, I wanted to use this for so that I can continue with the translation of Documents (ToS etc).
A would also be nice, because I'm considering to do this with a friend who is not familiar with and all this shiny stuff, so working on this together would be awesome!


@fnetX Have you tried any markdown plugins in VS Code? It does multipane and line-numbering.

For online collaborative markdown there's But I'm not sure they do side by side docs.

Whimsical also does collaborative markdown.

@Miredly VS Code sounds a bit heavy tbh. I have an IDE that has panes and line numbers, but it wasn't always nice to keep in sync, e.g. when quickly looking something up.

Also, since my friend is not technical, installing a heavy IDE is probably overkill ...

Not sure about hackmd, I prefer the libre fork, but that one only renders markdown to document, not multiple markdown docs side-by-side.

@morenonatural uhm, yeah, it's at least not the KISS solution I was looking for 😅

Will still have a closer look.

@fnetX Try typing:

:help scroll-binding

in vim.

@Coffee I love vim, but I don't have much knowledge on how to make use of all these advanced features ...

But this looks most promising and KISS so far (not installing big Microsoft bloat + plugins for this)


Vim isn't conquered in one day. :)

That said, I personally just translate paragraph by paragraph inside the same document, then delete the original paragraphs when done.

vim has scroll lock which you can turn off and on.
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