0.61.0 is now available on F-Droid ✊

If you own Nothing Ear(1), you are in luck as this release is providing support for this true wireless earbuds. Also, if you long-wished for the Gadgetbridge notification filter to act as a white list, your wish has come true 🚀 and you can now set it this way. Blog post with more description of the 0.61.0 release is here:

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Hey @gadgetbridge, how ist the feature support of the the Amazfit Bip U/Pro? Like 90%?

@7daq0 The support is already quite good, primarily based on the feature set of the original Bip, see it documented here:

Latest improvements can be seen when you search for the commit messages:

@gadgetbridge, can you tell please what is needed for with Nothing Ear. Didn't really get it.

@7daq0 Of course this is not needed to listen to music, but the implementation allows settings things up...:
- reading battery level
- setting audio mode
- setting in-ear auto detection
- setting for ANC-light mode

@7daq0 do you use Gb with these earbuds? Does it work for you?

No, I was just curious in case I buy new one.
I am a happy user of GB & amazfit bib. I am considering to buy the bib/U. Guess oxygen is not tracked in GB, right?

OK. Thanks for the great tool. Habe fun while coding.

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