0.62.0 has been released :blobcheer:

Time for an update đź“Ł ...this release is fixing a steps đź‘Ł synchronizing issue that has appeared after the switch from DST back to normal time. Casio STB-1000 and Galaxy Buds 2019 are now newly supported devices . See a blog post with more details here:

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Is the Amazfit Bip U Pro well supported by GB? There is a nice offer for this gadget ATM.
I need the original app to install it, right?

@7daq0 yes, the Bip U has good support. You need the original app for the initial pairing, then get the key, see our wiki

@gadgetbridge Sir, can you help me, I have updated the firmware and want to pair it with Mi Band 6, but it keeps loading like this

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