Just before the minutes of the last day of 2021 run out, the 0️⃣.6️⃣4️⃣.0️⃣ release of is now available on 🎉

It comes with support for Bose QC35 and Sony WF-SP800N 🎧 , for VESC NRF/HM10 speed controllers and with improvements for many devices like , and other. See our blog post with more details

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@gadgetbridge wait, what does Gadgetbridge do for headphones when it's a smart watch app

@synthgal @gadgetbridge
Guess you can adjust the settings of the headphones like with most of the official apps from the manufacturers?

Most "quality" wireless headsets nowadays ship with an app to e.g. set the anc profile and to set the equalizer values

@jeybe @gadgetbridge ooooh ive never owned headphones like that so didn't think of it, thanks

@racuna I doubt that this is related to the update but if you confirm so, please report via the bugtracker.

@gadgetbridge hi, I had to delete and pair the device again.

Thanks for the reply
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