Some people wonder why is it useful to have support in for things like wireless head/ear phones. See pictures of some of the screens provided to adjust parameters of these devices in Gadgetbridge. This allows us to not have to install yet another vendor specific app. Screenshots are for Galaxy Buds (the device card) and Sony WH 1000XM4 (device settings). There are also additional features like battery charts over time. See more details in our wiki:

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Nice, do you know if it works with Sennheiser Momemtum 2 Wireless?

@selea no, but implementing headphones is usually much, much easier then adding support for smart bands. See this method of sniffing the Bluetooth traffic even without root access:

@gadgetbridge Does a list with all supported devices exist? The list on contains neither the Galaxy Buds nor the Sony headphones.

@gadgetbridge I think it is fantastic that you are adding this kind of support so that you have an option if you for some reason don't trust the hardware manufacturer.
Your headphones aren’t spying on you, but your apps are. Here is why

@Arco @gadgetbridge

Bei mir lässt sich keine Verbindung herstellen und es erscheint "not supported".... schade.
Mi Band 5 klappt aber hervorragend!

@bjoessi @gadgetbridge

Danke, würde Gadgetbridge gerne für meine QC35 verwenden, nur werden sie nicht erkannt....

Dear @gadgetbridge Team,
Thanks for pointing this out :mastolove:
I've been using #Gadgetbridge for about three years now - and I hadn't realized this yet :mastoinnocent:

@gadgetbridge Oh, my WH-1000XM4 is flagged as unsupported. Do I need to wait for the next release to be able to pair it ? Running v 0.64.0 at this moment.

@dada @gadgetbridge I am also patiently waiting for these headphones to be supported 😀

@dada yes, it was merged recently and will be part of our next release.

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