Each release is a celebration 🎈🎈🎈 of all the work and effort, here is another one for 0.65.0 with Initial support for Amazfit Pop/Pro watch and for Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones

In order to keep alarms between Gadgetbridge and Amazfit Bip U in sync, reading alarm details (time...) from the watch has been implemented. This should also work on few other Huami devices, but we could only test it on the Bip U so far.

You can read the blog post for more details:

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@MaxPowerGER in which case it is not QC35 but another variant. You need to use the issue tracker to deal with that.

@gadgetbridge Can that be done for other watches as well (thinking of my Pebble Time Steel), or is this even planned already?

@IzzyOnDroid no idea if pebble can be queried for the alarms data... plus, one would most likely need to be able to make the original app working again, to sniff the BLE data... unless it is done already by someone somewhere...

@gadgetbridge Ah, I see. The Rebble project maybe? Still seems alive: (only few matches on "alarm" in their code or issues, though).

Would have been too nice if it were as easy as I hoped for… But thanks for the fast response!

@gadgetbridge I got the WH-1000XM4 working! Thanks! I was now able to ditch the Sony software 😀

Buuut... is there possibly any limitation how many connections you can have at the same time? I cant seem to connect both to my headphones and my Pinetime at the same time.
@gadgetbridge OK, no problem, dont need to change settings in the headphones very often.

Also, somewhere in the process, my bluetooth connection to my Pinetime is much much more stable now. Keep up the good work!
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