version 0.66 has been released and it has been in for a few days by now. The main addition (besides two new supported ⌚ devices) is a nice integration between Fossil Hybrid HR and - a popular FLOSS sport tracking application for Android.

Of course, this release contains also other improvements and changes, you can check out the full Gadgetbridge release blog post for more details here:

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@MaxPowerGER You can try to force it to use the existing implementation:

If it is only a name difference (and some small differences) it could work. Right now, it will only be accepted if the name matches to what's in the code, as per the picture here.

If no luck, try to report it:


Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung!
Es lag tatsächlich am Namen der Kopfhörer. Den Hinweis hatte ich so noch nicht gefunden.

@gadgetbridge hmmm, #OpenTracks only starts for me triggered by Button Action only when Gadetbridge is running in the foreground. Did I miss any setting?

@dennisguse @geotux

This is most likely related to your phone's Android flavor and how it handles apps and battery. Look at battery optimizations settings.

For me, Gadgetbridge does not need to be in the foreground at all and i can control or via Button actions from Gadgetbridge just fine.

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