New update of is here 🎉 . This time with initial support for Sony F-1000XM3 and Galaxy Buds Pro, tons of improvements to Miband5/Amazfit band 5 (and others), special modifications for Bangle.js 2 and other updates... like cool new icons for some of the headphones 🎧 .

Read blog post with more details here:

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Another reason to get the Bangle.js2. I really need another watch.

@gadgetbridge 👍 As a user of the #Gadgetbridge app and owner of a #BangleJS 2, it's great to see how both projects work together and benefit from each other. Even though I don't need it at the moment, I am also excited about the new headphones being added since it allows more hardware to be used without being forced to use closed source apps. Kudos also for setting up a repository for the nightly builds, which makes it really convenient to test the latest changes.

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