After almost two months of work since the last version we have finally released one of the biggest releases of of all time!
Multiple connected devices at the same time...🚀 Mi Band 5 GPS workout support...🏃‍♂️ Fossil app manager improvements and workout support...⌚, Support for device folders...📂 , Bangle webview app loader...🌐 and there is much more, the changelog is huge... read the blog post and the full list of changes here:

Many thanks to all supporters!

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@devSJR @gadgetbridge I use the Bangle.js 2 since last December after using an Amazfit Bip for several years. The Bangle.js 2 is less polished and Gadgetbridge integration is not as complete. It is a little bit work in progress. I think there are better options if you want something that just works, but I love the Bangle.js since it is very customisable and there is a community which creates and improves apps constantly.

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