Gadgetbridge 0.70.0 is out with support for three new devices: Amazfit GTS 3 and Fossil Hybrid Gen6 are now supported, this release also adds support for Flipper Zero 🐬 an open source multi-tool. Cover image of this post is the Flipper device icon :)

This is our last official release for 🤖 KitKat, read more in the blog post

Thanks to @codeberg and @WoodpeckerCI for great infrastructure!

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@gadgetbridge @codeberg @WoodpeckerCI how does it work? will any ios devices be included in the future? Matrix Watch 2 for example.

@goatwildernesscollective similar to Wear os watches, iOS watches would likely require some proprietary software on the phone. We do not do watch support implementation "on request" but rather we provide a foundation for developers to use when they have the device and are able and willing to do the difficult low level investigative work and implement the communication protocol for the device to pair it and use it - set time, alarms, fetch data (steps, sleep, workouts...) and so on. PRs welcome!

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