@drunkenHiker try asking in our matrix room but most people are too busy for this as helping to mentor a fellow programmer is very time consuming.

@gianf i would suggest to join our matrix channel and ask there. MiBand6 support in Gadgetbridge is pretty good and the device itself is very nice too.

@dennisguse @geotux

This is most likely related to your phone's Android flavor and how it handles apps and battery. Look at battery optimizations settings.

For me, Gadgetbridge does not need to be in the foreground at all and i can control or via Button actions from Gadgetbridge just fine.

@mmarif Thanks for all the work, using it daily to manage repos/issues for personal projects and for @gadgetbridge at @codeberg

GitNex 4.3.0 is coming soon, and with it comes huge refactors, a lot of features, major UI changes.

We hope this release will be worth a praise. 🙂

#gitnex #gitea #codeberg #android #app

I can confirm that there is no 16bit overflow happening on the @gadgetbridge step counter 😎.

Proven with Xiaomi Mi Band 3. I wonder what happens at 100k on the band as it seems that there is only space for 5 digits.

@mmtech2012 We do not have support for any of the IMILAB devices but we are open to pull requests :blobangel:

My driver for the @PINE64 #PineDio #LoRa USB adapter is now compatible with #Linux kernel > 5.10!

I also fixed the spi-ch341-usb driver to support kernel > 5.16!


Thanks @codeberg for hosting the code!

@MaxPowerGER You can try to force it to use the existing implementation: codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Ga

If it is only a name difference (and some small differences) it could work. Right now, it will only be accepted if the name matches to what's in the code, as per the picture here.

If no luck, try to report it: codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Ga

version 0.66 has been released and it has been in for a few days by now. The main addition (besides two new supported ⌚ devices) is a nice integration between Fossil Hybrid HR and - a popular FLOSS sport tracking application for Android.

Of course, this release contains also other improvements and changes, you can check out the full Gadgetbridge release blog post for more details here: blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

@rodrigoswz Hello. We do not have Google Fit sync. Someone would need to contribute the implementation. And i presume there would also need to be a discussion how to do this in a way that does not in any way compromise privacy we try to ensure.

@dcz i do not understand this question. For ordinary discussions, please do join the matrix server.

@racuna @dcz
Device developers can use the new interface to add off-device GPS tracking (in OT) to a device. We have implementation in Fossil for workout app and for mibands/amazfits as a remote trigger via button actions where at this point, you can only start activity recording, stop will need to be enabled in OT... github.com/OpenTracksApp/OpenT, plus we have an extra access via Debug functions.
It is in nightly freeyourgadget.codeberg.page/f and will be in next F-droid release after we make a release.

@dcz there is no "Gadgetbridge protocol"... we (must) try to support the protocols which the devices use. And if the device provides a bulk download of data and if it is documented or if it can be decoded then yes, it can be supported :)

@pganssle For very details statistics, you would have to find a device that all the sleep processing on itself. For example the Miband/Amazfit watches report total sleep time, but the other sleep types (light/deep sleep) data are not provided by the watch but somehow (we do not have the knowledge how) calculated in their app. For many, the current implementation in Gb is sufficient but you must judge for yourself...


@IzzyOnDroid no idea if pebble can be queried for the alarms data... plus, one would most likely need to be able to make the original app working again, to sniff the BLE data... unless it is done already by someone somewhere...

@MaxPowerGER in which case it is not QC35 but another variant. You need to use the issue tracker to deal with that.

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