@goatwildernesscollective similar to Wear os watches, iOS watches would likely require some proprietary software on the phone. We do not do watch support implementation "on request" but rather we provide a foundation for developers to use when they have the device and are able and willing to do the difficult low level investigative work and implement the communication protocol for the device to pair it and use it - set time, alarms, fetch data (steps, sleep, workouts...) and so on. PRs welcome!

Gadgetbridge 0.70.0 is out with support for three new devices: Amazfit GTS 3 and Fossil Hybrid Gen6 are now supported, this release also adds support for Flipper Zero 🐬 an open source multi-tool. Cover image of this post is the Flipper device icon :)

This is our last official release for 🤖 KitKat, read more in the blog post blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

Thanks to @codeberg and @WoodpeckerCI for great infrastructure!

0.69.0 is on 🎉 . Many thanks to our tireless contributors for their continuous involvement and work ❤️!

This release is bringing initial support for Mi Band 7, for devices that use Binary Sensor Service and for Fossil/Skagen Hybrid HR 38mm watches ⌚ .

If you are interested to know your step 👣 goal 🏅 achievements, the new Steps Streak screen gives you a chance to see it and boast about it 🏆 on :mastodon: .

There is more... read the blog post blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

@gadgetbridge it's working very well for my moon phase and solar time watch on the Skagen Hybrid. github.com/osresearch/moon-wat

Support for the Fossil Hybrid HR is really good in @gadgetbridge , including and awesome watch-face designer. Thanks to the very dedicated team for all the work! Gadgetbridge has pretty much feature-parity with the original app including workouts (done by integration with ) and even few more extra things, like custom Android Intents or button configuration. You can check out the very nice wiki page [1], describing the support.

[1] codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Ga

@lordvalor Yes, MiBand6 is implemented and supported by Gadgetbridge :)

@cichy1173 try asking in Matrix chat (wait for a day for people to have chance to respond) and if no luck, try in our issue tracker. Links below.



After almost two months of work since the last version we have finally released one of the biggest releases of of all time!
Multiple connected devices at the same time...🚀 Mi Band 5 GPS workout support...🏃‍♂️ Fossil app manager improvements and workout support...⌚, Support for device folders...📂 , Bangle webview app loader...🌐 and there is much more, the changelog is huge... read the blog post and the full list of changes here: blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

Many thanks to all supporters!

@Ozzy The effort is still ongoing. Best is to join the matrix channel and ask, you can get into the beta testing and use their releases.

New update of is here 🎉 . This time with initial support for Sony F-1000XM3 and Galaxy Buds Pro, tons of improvements to Miband5/Amazfit band 5 (and others), special modifications for Bangle.js 2 and other updates... like cool new icons for some of the headphones 🎧 .

Read blog post with more details here: blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

Due to frequent requests for suggestions about the ideal free or non-free watch/band for , inquiries for support for new devices or questions about faster app updates, we have created a new FAQ page [1] in our wiki [2] which also contains descriptions of many other topics related to smart gadgets.

[1] codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Ga

[2] codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Ga

@drunkenHiker try asking in our matrix room but most people are too busy for this as helping to mentor a fellow programmer is very time consuming.

@gianf i would suggest to join our matrix channel and ask there. MiBand6 support in Gadgetbridge is pretty good and the device itself is very nice too.

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