So I had the opportunity to field test for the first time the #ZipCall #P2P video calling platform, and called overseas from directly within my browser.

The result? Faster, better quality than WhatsApp, and the - true - freedom to use any platform you want.

Needless to say, I'm switching away forever from nonfree software when calling my significant contacts from now on. Victory!


@kzimmermann Interesting, didn't know this one. 👍
Just keep in mind [Issue # 77 (This project is currently inactive) at ianramzy/decentralized-video-chat]

@hontoni @kzimmermann From that issue: zipcall is going to be acquired.

So, this is not going to be free in a bit. Probably going to be gobbled up by some surveillance-capitalist company...

Abandon ship 😉

@Matter dammit. But since this is browser-based (haven't checked everything) a local copy and a fork could survive some time. Who knows, it did sound too good to be true at first.


That's very sad. I really wish someone forked and maintain it as FOSS.
@Matter @hontoni

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