I started looking into #XMPP clients with end-to-end-encryption support. First one was #Gajim, with its "charming" 90s messenger style. Encryption isn't the default here however, no progress on the corresponding issue. dev.gajim.org/gajim/gajim-plug

Next one was #Dino which looks better but expects knowledge of things like #XMPP identifiers without providing any explanation when something is wrong (yes, version 0.1). Here as well, encryption isn't the default. At least the discussions are younger. github.com/dino/dino/issues/84


@WPalant what do you mean with "XMPP identifier"? Do you mean the Jabber ID what looks like an email address?

@jr Yes, that for example. When registering I had to enter a user name and select a server, yet it expected me to compose a Jabber ID myself when logging in. And it genuinely confused me when I tried to join a channel, I didn't realize that channel IDs were composed in the same way.

@WPalant maybe open an issue for this? I totally understand how this could be confusing for first time XMPP users

@jr It's not really an isolated incident. It's a general symptom of a UI which wasn't designed with less knowledgeable users in mind. And opening issues only gets you so far...

@jr Mind you, I'm not blaming the devs. I've been there myself, I know exactly how this happens. Doesn't mean that I have a simple answer. There is a reason why mature projects don't let developers design user interfaces.

@WPalant @jr i used to give things to my aged Father to try... he always came back with things devs (and QA) didn't even consider 🙄

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