Looking for a few people to test the Exposure Notifications API of @microg

- Update your microG to microg.org/dl/core-en.apk
- Install and set up your local gov corona tracing app xda-developers.com/google-appl
- Verify that microG settings has Exposure Notifications enabled and shows the app as using it
- When you are in public tomorrow, go to microG settings again and verify that "Collected IDs" shows a higher number
- Report back here with device name and android version+rom



@larma @microg German Corona app seems to need a permission that is not there...

Looks more like the update to the .apk failed.

@larma seems like something was wrong with my MicroG setup... I deinstalled it completely and reinstalled via MinMicroG and after that installed the update from above and now it seems to work... let's try in the wilderness today xD

@larma @jr I have the same issue... Lets see if I can fix it the same way

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