Just wanted to says something about the new spam wave currently rolling over .

If you get added by a random person and they send you strange messages (spam), try to contact your sever admin or maybe directly the admin of the spammers server.

Your could do the later either by visiting the website and search for contact information or send "!contact [serverdomain]" to

This makes it way easier for hobby admins.

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If the admin does not respond, try to contact the hoster of the IP. You could usually find their information via a whois lookup or by searching their website. (If you need help here fell free to PM me)

If the admin does not respond or does not want to stop the spam report the server to via Issue or PR (again I could assist here)

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PS: If your are a server admin please deploy XEP 0157 ( and maybe also block the servers from the repo, your users will thank you.

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@jr that was really helpful. I didn't realise prosody had that off by default.

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