#Fennec #FDroid based on #Fenix alias the latest #Firefox for #Android has arrived! Trackers have been removed, "about:config" is available. The version has not been marked as recommended yet, so you have to download and install manually. Thanks to relan, @Bubu and all who have made this possible. 🥳

@CryptGoat @Bubu


Be careful when using about:config. AFAIK it's not made available on the standard releases because some of it is buggy and could break firefox completely.


@dreeg @CryptGoat @Bubu it always could break your FF if you don't know what you do, that's why it warns you on desktop to not use it

@jr @CryptGoat @Bubu

On desktop you can always reinstall or use a fresh profile to fix it.

I heard that since Android doesn't delete all the data associated with the app when you reinstall it, it could render the app unusable even after a reinstall.

I was not able to find where I heard that so maybe it's not correct.

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