Which chat service/protocol do you prefer? #matrix or #xmpp
Boosts appreciated

@n0btc i've been thinking about setting up a matrix server of my own but nothing seems as comfy as ejabberd
@am @mewmew @fenix @n0btc I just wish anything in the FOSS chat space was good~
@allison @am @fenix @n0btc Matrix will eventually be good but XMPP will be forever bad - shigeru miyamoto, or something

@mewmew @allison @fenix @am @n0btc why would XMPP be forever Bad? Because there is no single company with a lot of venture capital behind it?

@am @allison @fenix @n0btc @mewmew yeah and it's developing rapidly especially in the last time when Matrix moved into the game... I think it would be far more easy to solve the problems XMPP has than make something usable and comparable fast, easy to scale etc out of Matrix

@jr @am @fenix @n0btc @mewmew While this is technically true, it says way more about Matrix than it does about XMPP.

@allison @mewmew @fenix @am @n0btc what do you mean with "way more about matrix"?

@jr @mewmew @fenix @am @n0btc I'm saying XMPP is bad and Matrix is worse, and that neither of those are liable to change any time soon.
@am @mewmew @allison @icedquinn @jr @n0btc pleroma chat is pretty alright for what it is, but I prefer XMPP because of client availability. Pleroma chat doesn't work on obscure older smartphones and tablets desu
@allison @jr @am @fenix @mewmew @n0btc bad and worse are bad and worse, but i use the bad things all the times, like i ate bad mcdonald dinner today and smoked bad cigarette and called my bad grandpa >:~0

ex: maybe matrix is slow bloat etc, i have cheap computer, i still don't a slow bloat .problem?
@wish @am @fenix @jr @mewmew @n0btc >implying I haven't been using IRC since 2013
Get better bait, please
@wish @am @fenix @jr @mewmew @n0btc Will be 22 in a hot minute. IRC was the first chat program I ever used and in all likelihood it will be the last as well~
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