Whats so difficult about multi account in that AFAIK no client does support multi account?

I mean I get that Element does not support it, they focus on the Slack usecase. But what about all does client made for nerds? Does nobody of them need/want multiple accounts in one client?

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I was looking for that for a while and then I settled by having one account on the official element app and another using #Schildichat, works for me but I do agree the ability to switch accounts, even just from home/work use case should be given more importance.

@rmdes I have three matrix accounts.... and slowly I'm running out of good desktop clients.... I don't understand why it seems to not have any priority in the matrix community.... or maybe there is a blocking constraint in how the Matrix protocol works?

I think the protocol, the security and how it operates influence this situation but I don't have more information on this.. If you find anything I'm curious!


It's just because client devs doesn't seem to see the benefits. The protocol has no problem with it.

@benkuly @rmdes

but why don't they all see any benifits? Don't they have seperate accounts for work and private use for example? As I'm coming from I expected it to be a really common usecase. Almost anyone on XMPP has at least two accounts and nearly every client does support multi account there....


I can only speak for me:
I have one account for my Jobs and Hobbys. Don't like to switch the context multiple times a day and to have multiple "identities". And with Spaces I have a way to organize it and ignore e. g. stuff from work.

@benkuly @rmdes I have a work account on a non federating server owned by the company I work for, because of GDPR an stuff. So I really need to have a second account for private use which is on a server that does federate...

@benkuly @jr Thanks for the information, I'm not sure why I had in mind that it was an issue, glad it's not !

@jr I personally just use browser and an account per tab.

@unclechu yes this works of course, but then I have to remember loading all tabs up after reboot etc

@jr That's the main reason I prefer irc over matrix atm.

My browser is already bloated with lots of tabs, I don't want to have several more for the different matrix identities I use / would have to use as I don't like mixin contexts.

Need to check the status of weechat-matrix again :D

@joe but it's not really feature complete and I don't really like the UI/UX

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