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Heise / Gregor Honsel über die Reparierbarkeit von Elektrogeräten:

I recently bought a plastic protective floor mat. Getting zapped a lot ever since. Fun fact: Every time my ankle touches the leg of my office chair, I get zapped, reproducibly causing my external monitor to turn off for a few seconds 😂

The new German coalition treaty: “We stipulate open standards for public IT projects. Procurement for software development will usually commissioned as #opensource the corresponding software is made public as a matter of principle.”

We welcome that the new government wants to focus on the use of Free Software. We will now closely observe and accompany the concrete implementation.

#FreeSoftware #PublicCode

Version 2.1.0 of ./badges is out now with some minor additions, such as generic badges for CC0 and "Status: Experimental". Get it on @codeberg :

Returned our humble "app-based" moving van with very mixed feelings. On the plus side, it was a bit cheaper than traditional rentals and the hotline was OK. But, the car was in a very bad shape, we had an empty battery (which may be our fault, we had the hazard lights on for ~4 hours, but is that really enough to drain a van battery?), pickup times were fixed (morning, noon or evening) and app usability was bad. Not a great experience. Next time we'll be using a traditional van rental again.

Despite the battery issue, we made it to Leipzig and back with the first load of furniture, boxes, the dreaded washing machine and the oven. Tomorrow comes the second load with more boxes, office chairs and electronics - then the old place is mostly empty, and, starting monday we'll be living in Leipzig 😎

Today, I jump-started a Volkswagen Transporter with a Citigo. Always nice to see what this little car is capable of 😉

In addition to the use of #FreeSoftware, a general RightToRepair is one of the basic requirements for a more sustainable digitization, in particular for the longevity of our hardware.


So let me get this straight.

1: you put SSNs in plaintext on a web page
2: you get mad that someone clicked "view source"
3: your actual Highway Patrol patrols the information superhighway?


And now one passenger is taking a phone call. Seriously. Silent zone - what a joke...

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Now the guy behind me starts whistling and humming while the two talkers seemingly discuss their legal matters. 🙄 I wonder whether it's even worse in the non-silent zone...

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And at the same time, I remember why I didn't quite miss riding the train: I'm in the silent part of the train. Of the five people in here, 2 can't stop talking and the guy behind me is muttering profanities.

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Going to Leipzig to pay a first visit to our new apartment. First time travelling long-distance rail not only since Covid but since about 4 years, if I recall correctly. It's been a while 😄

The next few weeks, I will be very busy packing, frequenting four-letter-scandinavian-furniture-retailers and driving back and forth between Dresden and Leipzig. Sounds like a lot of stress, but actually it's a fun opportunity to have (sorta-kinda) road trips, assemble furniture (=LEGO for adults 😃) and to penny-pinch and optimize our logistics. (Extra challenge: I drive a Citigo, which for this purpose is basically a shoebox 😜).

It's official now: We're moving to very soon 😊 My girlfriend found a job there and I'm working fully remote. Exciting times ahead!

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