Yesterday, I tried to build a WebAssembly version of dot-slash-badges. While compilation succeeded, the resulting binary had a size of almost 5 MB. That's too much for an application that, for the average user, likely yields far less than 100KB overall output (about 10KB per badge). Unfortunately, it didn't compile with TinyGo. So, it seems, a purely client-side GUI for dot-slash-badges won't be feasible. 🙁


I really would like to provide a GUI for dot-slash-badges though. But I would need to set up and maintain a server for that, which is not really worth it for just that service alone. But maybe @codeberg would be interested in getting a "" tool? 😉

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@lhinderberger of course! That sounds uncredible! what's the best way to set this up?

@codeberg That's great! 👍
I imagine it as a tiny REST API written in Go, using dot-slash-badges as a library combined with a small HTML/JavaScript web frontend that allows you to create and download badges, as well as output Markdown code for easy inclusion in READMEs.
Its deployment could work similar to build-deploy-reg-server.
Does that sound like a good way? :-)

@codeberg Alright, nice! :-)
Then I'll start working on the GUI and Rest API and I'll let you know once we can start discussing next steps about deployment.

@sexybiggetje @codeberg

Looks great - thank you for the contribution! :-)
I suggest we include the codeberg.json in the deployment repo, once the GUI is ready.

@lhinderberger @codeberg

Cool, no problem. It's there for the taking :-). I'll try to setup the proper go env soon. Maybe I can contribute some more on further dev then.

One thing that bothers me is that the vertical spacing is like 1 pixel off :D also the 2 font weights slightly (optically) render different.

So I'll take a peek at the text metrics to see if something is doable there

@sexybiggetje @codeberg
That would be amazing, thank you! Any help in this regard is much appreciated :-)

@lhinderberger check with @momar regarding new deployment method! Looking forward to see this live!

@codeberg @momar
Thanks for the hint, I'll contact him as soon as the tool is ready for deployment.

@codeberg @momar
API and frontend for the dot-slash-badges webservice will be able to be deployed independently. So it should be possible to deploy the API while re-using the frontend component within a unified badge generator, as hinted in the linked issue. That way, the webservice can be developed independently, while still being nicely integrated within Codeberg.

@lhinderberger @codeberg If the frontend is be written with Halfmoon CSS, it can use could be used with it 🙃

@momar @codeberg
That framework looks very promising, thanks for sharing the link! :-)

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