I'm having this weird idea of creating a video editing software that's entirely centered around a text-based project format.
It might serve as a basis for more sophisticated GUI tools or even be a nerdy text-only solution, not unlike LaTeX for typesetting and presentations. 😉

It would look somewhat like that:

Resolution: 1920x1080
FPS: 24
NTracks: 4

Source foo: foo.webm
Source bar: bar.webm
Source music: music.ogg
Source voiceover: voiceover.ogg (Channel 2)

00.00.00-00 T1 - FadeIn (Source foo, Duration 2s)
00.00.00-00 T2 - FadeIn (Source music, Duration 2s)
00.00.03-00 T3 - Play (Source voiceover, Volume 0.75)

Doesn't leave a whole room for future changes, if it's purely language based instead of structured data

@sexybiggetje Hmm, you think? I imagine a language like above could be quite extensible. Its basic structure is a set of named headers (similar to HTTP or E-Mail headers) followed by a list of timestamped instructions (with the addition of new instructions being possible, plus having Python-like named optional arguments).

I think the same of those examples 😂.
But that's just one man's opinion of course.

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