I wonder why infinite scrolling is being in such wide use these days. IMHO, it's harder to implement properly than paging and it's much less user-friendly. Does infinite scrolling have any purpose, except maybe making social media more addictive (and thus lucrative) by removing that last bit of friction and visual indication of progress/time spent? If not, why are more and more sites applying this anti-pattern - is it cargo cult programming?

@lhinderberger Hmm, I wonder if it is a goodby to the art of framed and boxed contents, towards less bordered and more open handling. Or the opposite direction: simply the way one-dimensional thinking and acting find their shape? ;)

@m_b Yep, that could be. And it's absolutely okay to try to create a more seamless experience, but taking control away from the user (by automatically loading content while scrolling and often also by not keeping track of the scrolling progress, e.g. for bookmarking) is one step too far for my taste :-)

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