Returned our humble "app-based" moving van with very mixed feelings. On the plus side, it was a bit cheaper than traditional rentals and the hotline was OK. But, the car was in a very bad shape, we had an empty battery (which may be our fault, we had the hazard lights on for ~4 hours, but is that really enough to drain a van battery?), pickup times were fixed (morning, noon or evening) and app usability was bad. Not a great experience. Next time we'll be using a traditional van rental again.

You're finished moving now? Welcome to your new home 🥳

@sexybiggetje Thanks! :-) We're living in Leipzig now, yes. But we're not entirely done moving since some of our smaller stuff is still in Dresden and we likely have to renovate our old apartment.

Awesome architecture over there. I don't think I've ever been to Leipzig, but I have been close when younger.

I wish you the best of luck on the reno of the old apartment then 😊

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