I just learned that there was a vulnerability in my Laptop's firmware. Naturally, I wanted to update it.

Turns out that

1. HP appearently doesn't maintain updates for my model at LVFS
2. UEFI doesn't support WiFi for online setup (on a laptop without an ethernet port 🙃)
3. Their website only offers firmware updates as Windows .exes (bought the laptop without an OS and don't want to install Windows ever again)
4. They couldn't be bothered to just upload the raw firmware binaries to their site


According to some blog post, there's a hacky way that involves extracting their .exe files using 7zip and putting the binaries to a well-known location - but that seemed a bit too risky for my taste (wouldn't want to brick my machine now if it goes wrong...).

So in the end, I went and bought myself a USB ethernet adapter, which in the end did the trick.

But one thing's for sure: Next time I buy a laptop, I'll look for a manufacturer that cares a bit more about Linux...

@lhinderberger just mentioning because it might be of interest: Dell supports UEFI Updates via fwupdmgr :)

@thomas Thanks, that's good to know 🙂 I hope though that I don't have to replace my laptop any time soon *knock on wood*

@lhinderberger the Framework laptop I believe is in a good relationship with Linux :D

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