I'm about seven years too late to the party, but I've played through Undertale today (Neutral, reset, then True Pacifist ending, for those interested). It's a great example of quality over quantity. The game doesn't have polished 3D graphics, a vast open world, voice acting or endless side-quests. It instead has an interesting and very well-told story, fun mechanics, likeable characters, a charming art style and great music. I enjoyed this game very much and can wholeheartedly recommend it! 🤩

@lhinderberger Nice! I've been looking for something to fill the void since I finally knocked out Breath of the Wild a few months ago. I'll have to give Undertale a go!

Have you ever tried to play NetHack?
If you try nethack-console, there is just head cinema.
But you can experience true fear ...

@Sisyphos didn't know about that but sounds very interesting, thanks for the hint! 🙂👍

@lhinderberger that's nice, here is the link:
If you're on linux, you may find it in your reposity.

It's like chess: step by step.
You have any time to think about your next move.
But you should do so - or you die (permantently).

You will die! Often.

@Sisyphos Heh, that toot would sound super weird out of context 😜

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