Spare part arrived, soldered it back in.
Now comes reassembly, followed by intense praying and tooth-grinding 😜

I caused quite a bit of damage to the board though, before figuring out how to properly desolder...

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A clean soldering tip, adding lots of regular lead-based solder, lots of heat and quick application of the desoldering pump did the trick :-) Once that was figured out, desoldering proceeded very quickly 🥳 Thanks for your advise @nause_marc and @wex !

Disassembling my Xbox controller to replace a faulty joystick. Surprisingly easy to disassemble so far, if we don't count the exotic case screws. Next comes desoldering and then ordering the right spare part.

Found some time to continue working on ./badges web v2.
In the current snapshot version, it is now possible to edit theme parameters! 🤩
Release coming soon, after some more cleanup and documentation.

And that's how it looks like now (I've also added some padding, because I felt the badges were too cramped):

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Did someone say "interactive badge generation tool"? :ablobcool:
Sources for ./badges web v1.0.0 are now available at
Live deployment coming soon, if everything works out, thanks to the nice folks at @codeberg - Mastodon

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