Yesterday, I tried out reading eBooks using the ePub format on my phone. I was very happy with the reading experience, especially in the dark (OLED). To my disappointment, most eBooks I'm interested in have DRM enabled. So this leaves me with a choice between three evils:
- Buy as dead tree - bad for the environment, slow, more clutter
- Buy with Adobe DRM - inconvenient, annoying, not available in my reading app
- Buy using Kindle - Convenient but walled garden

Thanks a lot, DRM...

Do you like repository badges but don't like including them from someone else's server? Two days ago, I released ./badges - a generator for badges that you can download as a single, dependency-free, batteries-included binary (or build from source of course 😉). I have also published a number of generic badges under CC0. Check it out on @codeberg -

Hello Fediverse, my name is Lucas and I'm a software engineer living in Dresden, Germany. 👋
My interests are FOSS, software craftsmanship, music (everything from classical over Metal to EDM) and photography. I'm also interested in the Netherlands, the Dutch language and culture.
To recharge, I enjoy (light) hiking, e.g. in the Dresdner Heide forest.
I speak German, English and Dutch (although I could use some practice on the latter 😉). - Mastodon

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