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I want to write GRADIS/GRADIFF in Rust, but it's been quite a while since I've last done Rust. One could say that my skills are a bit ... rusty 😸 So, I'm freshing them up a little bit - for which turned out to be a great starting point. In general, I really enjoy the amount of quality documentation that's just freely available for Rust.

If you dual boot Linux and Windows on your machine, be careful with the most recent Window updates!

Microsoft disabled more than 100 SecureBoot signatures and locks out distros like Ubuntu 20.04 or Manjaro from booting on your computer.

You can temporarily disable SecureBoot in your BIOS settings, should you already be affected by this situation.

Liebste Trötis,
es ist mal wieder soweit...ich aktualisiere unser Wohnungsgesuch und hoffe von Herzen auf reges teilen.
Meine Frau und ich sind nach wie vor auf der Suche nach einer stufenlosen #Mietwohnung in #Norddeutschland.
Wir suchen in #Bremen #Niedersachsen #Hamburg #SchlesigHolstein evtl. #MecklenburgVorpommern #NRW
Wir sind Nichtraucher, sehr ruhige Menschen und ohne Haustiere.
Wir suchen mindestens 2 Zimmer.
Meine Frau und ich sind beide gesundheitlich eingeschränkt.

It's done 😪 Now all that's left to do is to wait for answers of the 22 (!) companies that had none or no functioning account deletion / email migration mechanisms. This was a very frustrating but also somewhat revealing experience.

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The email updating / account deletion saga continues. New low: When trying to contact a certain company's data protection email address (privacy@...) , I get a response from Zendesk asking me to "create a password and login, please note that your ticket will not be submitted until you complete this step". Unbelievable! When clicking the link, the ticket was finally created, even without creating another account, but that's still outrageous for a data protection officer's email address!

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But hey, they fixed it right away after I informed them over their secondary email, so that's good at least 😉

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Mail #11 - "554 Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (in reply to RCPT TO command)" when trying to write an email to the address stated in the privacy policy - yikes!

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I'm not even half way through and I just had to send my tenth account deletion / data correction request email today. 🙃 Time to take a break of this UX nightmare now.

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Very disappointing: The same behaviour (TOS + no obvious deletion link) was shown by the appointment booking software of a surgeon that I went to in my previous city. A software that deals with sensitive data, of all things, should provide a privacy-friendly UI...

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I'm currently in the process of switching email addresses which is a good opportunity to also delete old unused accounts. Or at least, I try to - For three sites in a row, there were no clear instructions on deleting the user account, two of which had no online/non-email deletion mechanism at all! The two previous sites also required me to accept the new terms of service before even being able to manage my account. Plus the inevitable cookie banners... Dark Patterns, Dark Patterns everywhere!

Went to a job interview today and, doing so, got a lesson in Toxic Startup Culture: If your future boss complains about the legally mandated 10-hour-workday-limit as "over-regulation that's limiting the freedom to innovate" while at the same time claiming that "we don't do time tracking cause it isn't required for companies under 20 employees" (looked it up, couldn't find a single source confirming that), RUN! Run as fast as you can!

It took me longer than expected, but I have now finished v0.1-rc1 of the GRADIFF spec. This first iteration of the spec focuses on a very minimal use case - basically labelled boxes and arrows. Before moving on with writing the reference implementation for en/decoding and rendering the format, I'll have a look at how to render the spec nicely to HTML tomorrow, since Gitea's built-in AsciiDoc rendering leaves a lot to be desired. For those curious, the spec is available at

When you've pushed nothing but your initial commit with a README and some badges... 😁

Just casually looked out of the window. I guess I'm on StreetView now 😃🙈

Did lots of work around the home yesterday and set up my web hosting (for the homepage of GRADIS and a small "business card"-ish site attached to my email domain) today. GRADIFF spec went a bit under the wheels for that, but after lunch break, I'll continue with that. I hope I'll be able to finally finish the spec today 😅

I made good progress on the GRADIFF spec today, but I wasn't able to finish it yet. I'll continue tomorrow, and I'm quite confident that I can finish the spec then.

Cleaned up my desk and set up a second monitor (thank goodness single-cable-docking + USB works without issues even though my Laptop has no Thunderbolt but only Displayport Alt Mode + Daisy Chaining - I was really worried about that 😅). Cable management went also reasonably well. Time for finishing the GRADIFF spec now!

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