Have you tried the profile note feature on Mastodon?

✅ You can add your own notes to people's profiles on Mastodon: go to their profile page and click on "click to add note". Only you can see the note.

It's useful if you want to keep track of people you're interacting with, especially if their profile biogs are incomplete or absent. (For example if someone developed a particular app but their profile doesn't mention it, you can add a reminder for yourself.)

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thanks, I wondered what that feature was meaning, really a bit mysterious until I saw your explanation


Yeah! It is difficult to explain until you try using it, there's nothing like it on other social media (as far as I know).


right, I am still a bit a newbie here... so I wondered how I could possibly add something to other peoples profiles ?!
I first thought 'maybe some sort of a direct message ?' but it's finally more like a note to self... if I understood your explanation correctly

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Yup, that's it exactly, it's a little note about the other person, but only you can see the note.

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