I've recently updated my server. Now u can follow and when a stream starts it comes 2 ur timeline. Tonights session will be streamed.
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You have ever been listening to a cowbell solo? Here it is 🐄
Sometimes there are masterpieces on "The Experiment" and sometimes it sounds like a accident. I love it. :metal: 💓 🎶

💓 Looks like i found thx 2 @HackyScientress Novation Circuit Rhythm🎶 .12 Years ago i got an old Yamaha Rm1x Sequencerwith floppy, hihi. I love it. It takes some time to learn it, channels, tracks, Sequences, Voices Patterns. Fantastic 8 endless knobs to tweak the synths. Some pads are broken now, Track 9&10/F&G. So i was looking for a hardware playable without a screen.
This is definitly a pure instrument, the pads are the screen. My 1st jam


So now i am looking 4 a good linux hardware solution. In live jams i use Carla with LV2 Synths like mda-lv2, JX10 DX10 Epiano or SetBfree (Hammond). With my M-audio Oxygen pro i have to assign the knobs manually.
I found the brand new Nektar LXmini. This looks good. Plug&Play and there is bitwig DAW with a Linux Version.
Is there someone with a live setup with ardour or carla or linux in general using a controller - 200 .-?

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Hi Musicians MCs, Producer and Composer out there,
I bought a Midi Keyboard Akai MPK Mini and a key was broken. Now i want a new one. I love to make live music on , using ubuntuMate with kx.studio installation. Carla with synth plugins or drum. I was happy with akai, many knobs works to tweak the sound without midilearn. Good plug and play. Akai comes along with so its perfect 2 use with win or mac. I use Ardour Muse Qtractor

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Every Fridaynight again live jamming at its best. download and join Server "The Experiment" at "All Genres 2" List. No covers, free play with musicians from all over the world. 🤘 🎶 :metal: 😘
Livestream unter wolke7.meinzeug24.de

Jeden Freitagabend wieder live Jamming vom feinsten. runterladen und ab 21 Uhr All Genres 2 Server "The Experiment" beitreten. No Covers, freies Spiel mit Musikern aus der ganzen Welt.🤘 🎶 :metal: 😘
Livestream unter wolke7.meinzeug24.de

Best way starting a new year!
Jamming with creative dudes! No Covers! Instant music connecting souls all over the world with
Fun Fact: 4 times celebrating HNY. 1st was Burak from Istanbul, then ev from greece, than the people from germany and nederlands and then AMP und Bazza from the UK. And all together live in a realtime raw jam. :metal: 🎶 💓

- Yunohost ausgecheckt auf vollverschluesseltem Debian10 in der HetznerCloud
- Fetter Jam auf The Experiment
- Schöner Freizeitsport in meinem Heimatverein mit tollen Leuten

Hello !
I am new here and i want to introduce myself. I am Pele and interrested in , und . Particularly thrilled by , und .
Mostly I love it und with the bike or by feet, or also real raspberries in my garden 😋 . I like animals (incl. humans), flowers and the woods.
I like it to use and . I would like for everyone specially for and 😘

Ich bin und möchte mich vorstellen. Ich bin Pele und interressiert in , und . Besonders begeistert von , und .
Am meisten liebe ich es und mit dem Fahrrad und zu Fuss, oder auch echte Himbeeren in meinem Garten. Ich liebe Tiere (inkl. Menschen), Blumen und den Wald.
Ich benutze gerne and . Ich hätte gerne für Jeden besonders für and 😘

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