@Kimba @firulais @nergal @Decentralize_today @Bunnyhammer You can turn on end to end encryption in your Jabber client,that has nothing to do with the server.Metadata is normally not encrypted but to be sure,you can ask them directly @spootle


@nipos @Kimba@quey.org @firulais @nergal @Decentralize_today @Bunnyhammer
Oh, sorry all, somehow Tusky didn't notify me of the mention. The servers are hosted by Hetzner in German datacenters, but without disk encryption. And yes, you're encouraged to use OMEMO whenever possible, I do want as less cleartext data as possible from you. Metadata would be still unencrypted, unfortunately.

@nipos @Kimba@quey.org @firulais @nergal @Decentralize_today @Bunnyhammer
Connections between clients and my server and between my server and other servers are encrypted, tough, but that shouldn't be any special in 2020, hopefully

PS.: You can always contact me via Jabber on jeybe@spootle.de, I answer quite quickly there in most cases

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