Hello, I am looking for an alternative to . I found , can it be integrated on a hosted @nextcloud ?


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Nextcloud already has two Modules bringing the functionality of notes. Both have an app for Android. Why not using those?

@josaur @nextcloud With Notes, I can only save plain text, no photos or anything else.

Deck has already deleted all my data twice for no apparent reason, I don't want to use it again. :/

@suyin @nextcloud
True point mostly it's only plaintext. The Markdown editor has the functionality to use pictures, but it doesn't integrates in an App that well.

@suyin @nextcloud i would recommend nextcloud too. i tried turtl and it turned out totally unreliable (self hosted) sync worked from linux to both android and windows. it seemed to work from android too - but i could see the files only on linux, not on windows. whats more - the project seems to be dormant when you look at github. if it is only note taking you are after i can recommend available for lnx, wnd and android, sync via nextcloud

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