I fixed multiple bugs in the last few days. Furthermore, the resizing transitions of the drawings on the map are much smoother now.
I am really looking forward seeing this app on a or 😍

@zwarf Question, does the Librem 5 and the Pinephone already support GTK4 and hardware acceleration?

I know it sounds ignorant from me, but it truly wonder.

@ozamidas At least the official Librem 5 build is based on Debian Bullseye and therefore does not support gtk4 or libadwaita which makes it hard to build PicPlanner from source.
Mobian focuses on Debian bookworm as far as I know and therefore should support my app completely.
However, in the near future I will provide this app as a Flatpak which can then be installed on every Linux phone independent of the distribution used.

@ozamidas I can't comment on the hardware acceleration part because I have no idea how far things are regarding this topic.

This does look neat. I'm sure something can be arranged ;)

@devrtz :) I will let everybody know when the Flatpak is ready to be installed 😄

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