Installing Linux:

Installing Windows:
Product Key
Version Settings
Windows Account
Privacy Settings
Advertisement Settings
Windows Account
Update Settings
Personal Data
Windows Accounts
Speech Settings
Network connection
Location Settings
We'ar setting things up for you
Xbox live
Windows Account

@zwarf remember privacy settings are actually two pages with 8 or so toggles each

@hbenjamin And you cannot even say "send no data to Microsoft" you can only choose "just send a little bit less data to Microsoft" or "send everything I do to Microsoft" 😅🤦‍♂️ Hatte neulich mal die Gelegenheit um eine Android-Migration zwischen zwei Herstellern machen zu duerfen. Da wurden so viele Fragen gestellt, die Nicht-Technikerinnen total ueberfordert und wohl so lange frustriert bis einfach .. weiter .. weiter .. weiter geklickt wird.

Bei Windows liegt wohl ein aehnliches Konzept vor.

@eichkat3r It is my favorite step! 😍 It always reminds me why I only use Linux on my own PCs!

@zwarf The windows 10 installer is just every old windows installer plus a new one in a trench coat.

@zwarf Here you can see, why linux is not used much on desktops.

It is too complicated!

Oh wait!

@jakob It is only used because it is pre installed.


There are only 4 apps keeping me from switching to a Linux distro forever. Only one has plans to make a Linux version. I've tried running each of them in a windows emulator to no avail.

So while I agree with everything you said, until more big name developers start writing for Linux, I'm stuck in Windows land.

@Mrfunkedude @zwarf Would you mind sharing what those applications are? 😃 Also, have you tried using #Bottles?

@sudo @zwarf Touch-Portal, PlayStation+, PlayStation Remote, and Camo Studio. Only Touch-Portal has said they are working on a linux version.

@Mrfunkedude I am partly working as a photographer and I also had some apps forced me to use Windows especially Lightroom. However, I found an awesome alternative with a Rawtherapee fork called ART. My workflow was as fast as before after a few months of training.

@zwarf There are some great windows alternatives out there.

Install standard selection of programs:

Linux: apt install Prog1 Prog2 Prog3 ... (one-line-script - replace with "dnf install..." or "pacman -S ..." depending on distrib)

Install deployment server(s),
acquire all installation files from the various vendors, re-package them, adapt setup-wrappers to emulate necessary mouse clicks, test, debug, ...
Repeat for each version update.

Move user/server settings from one system to another:

User: copy the /home/NAME directory - done.
System: copy /etc to the new system

You want? Buahahahaaa! Cute.

@zwarf ich Wette um nen Döner: werden 100 zufällig ausgewählten Menschen je eine Windows und eine Linux cd in die Hand gedrückt werden sowie zwei Geräte werfen 70 davon das Windows Gerät in die Ecke. Das ist mittlerweile so einsteigerfreundlich das glaubt kein Mensch. Besser als Windows jemals war. Vom Paketmanager und den fehlenden Daten Pattern mal ganz abgesehen

@zwarf smiled at "cortanaaaa" and laughed at "blue screen" (while installing!) 😁

@roxtii I hate it when Cortana suddenly starts talking with you or sends you popups 😂 Who thought this would be a cool idea?

@zwarf true! Since you can't step over the Cortana dialogue.. first thing I do while installing Windows is muting the speakers. After installation Cortana gets disabled.

@zwarf new computer setup for Windows at work always takes me like, four hours of I'm hurrying

@zwarf at this point, i'm convinced that Windows only exists anymore to waste all of your time and money.


#windows user: "I just want something that works"

also windows user "why do I have to do this now"

also windows user "why do computers suck"


My take: it's not computers per se that suck, it's the corporate malware on them.

And all the aspects that are controlled by corporations that don't have the user's best interest in mind, such as hardware DRM.

rant, IT, corpocracy 


#Linux sucks too, but it's free and the possibility of improving it can never be taken away except when corpocracy puts locks on our computers (which they do), thereby perpetuating the suckiness.

They even get in people's minds to a point where anything that doesn't work well in "alternative" OSes and programs is attributed to these (it's so hard to install! - well duh, someone made sure of that!) 😡

@zwarf A very shortened list for comparing things that shouldn't be compared that way. One should never disregard the primary target group when making such comparisons. 👍

When I think about what the Debian 11 installer wants to know before it starts: which UI packages, root and user info, partition settings, bootloader, hostname, domain, agreements for packages usage info... all combined with tons of texts...

From my experience, installing Windows and Linux can be a real adventure. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@c64 Debian is a tricky case because it has two installers. But when you use the Live Version with the Calamares installer, the installation process has really just 5 or 6 steps and no complicated question.

@zwarf Well, I know. 😏 There are Linux distributions and special installers that are short and easy to use. But then you should not talk about "Linux" in general. That's a kind of cherry picking. 😎

@c64 But nobody should ever compare an Arch installation with Windows because the target group is a different one. I compare Windows with another OS designed and advertised as "user friendly" like Ubuntu. Debian is not advertised as user friendly.
And I am completely aware that this short and slightly ironical post is not the full truth, I was just annoyed by the crazy amount of unnecessary questions Windows ask which have nothing to do with the installation of an operating system.

@zwarf You spoke about Linux. You've chosen Ubuntu, I've chosen Debian. 🤷🏻‍♂️

It's true, the Windows installers asks a lot of trashy questions. 👍

@zwarf @c64 Installing Linux is fuckibg easier than installing Windows...


Wait what?... I put 2013 a Linux CD-Rom in my Computer and never put it out... i was done... what i need to install? 😅

@zwarf @c64

@zwarf now add Mac to the comparison;) I think it’s a two or three step procedure

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