PicPlanner Version 0.1 is now on Flathub! 🥳

Please, feel free to download, share with your photography-loving friends (or anyone else who wants to know the position of the sun, moon, and milky way), and please don't forget to give me some feedback on what you think or what is annoying 😅.

If you have a or it would be awesome if you could send me a screenshot.

Big thanks to @Suzie97 for offering your help and drawing most of the icons.

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@zwarf @Suzie97 i just installed from AUR. The first thing that was strange in my head is that you don't move the marker but the map underneath. To me this is very counter intuitive to be honest. Maybe I can get used to it but it certainly feels weird ;)

@piratenpanda @Suzie97
Cool, I didn't know there is an AUR package already!
Yes, I know this might feel unintuitive but I am not sure how to do it otherwise. Because if you can move the marker independently from the map then it could be possible that the marker is not on the map at all or that the marker is not centered and the elements like the sun are not visible.

@piratenpanda @Suzie97
Another possibility would be to move the center marker with drag and drop and after you release the marker the map centers again. This however is quite annoying on a touchscreen.
I am really not sure which option is the better one. Or did you have another option in mind?

@zwarf @Suzie97 yeah both options have disadvantages and advantages. I'd keep it as is. It just takes a moment of getting used to. And I guess it's easier ultimately to move the map instead of the marker for exact placement

@zwarf @Suzie97

if you send me the terminal install command, i will send you screenshots from pinephone (it is not listed in the phosh software store)..

@pocketvj @Suzie97
In principle it can be done with meson and ninja:
git clone cd picplanner
meson builddir
cd builddir
sudo ninja install

But you need gtk4, libadwaita, libgweather and libshumate to be installed.
It is easier to use flatpak command if you have flatpak installed:
flatpak install flathub de.zwarf.picplanner

@pocketvj @Suzie97 Thanks a lot!!
But this is interesting... it doesn't fit 🤔
I will look into it what's the problem.
But it's awesome that it works to some degree, at least for me 😄😅😍
Is the user experience with a touch screen okay?

@pocketvj @Suzie97

I changed the UI of the "overview" panel a little bit. In my opinion it should then be better for mobile devices.
1. I am using symbols instead of words now in the "Basic Information" table. This caused the scaling issues one can see in your screenshots. Do you think these symbols are clear to everyone?
2. I switched to a "GtkPaned" layout. One can choose now what the size of the map should be.

What do you think about these changes?

@zwarf @Suzie97 @Blort

Symbols are a great solution, looks nice to me....

@zwarf @Suzie97

Screenshots from my #PinephonePro running #PlasmaMobile. I'm aware that it's a #GTK app, but trying to install a flatpak under #Manjaro with #Mobian proved tricky.

Overall it looks good other than dropdowns going a little off the right side of the screen. Nice!

@Blort @Suzie97 Wow thanks a lot! It is cool to see it also working on Plasma Mobile 😊☺
I will check what's the problem with the size. And it seems like there is a problem with the icons on plasma mobile 🤔
This is the Flatpak version right? I am wondering why doesn't ship the system icons (sun, moon, plus, minus) 🤔
I will look if I can solve this somehow. People should have a nice looking app independent of Phosh of Plasma Mobile.

@zwarf @Suzie97

Yeah, it was using the Flatpak installed by Discover. I also noticed when I run it from the CLI that it spits out an error:

"GSK-WARNING Unrecognized renderer "ngl". Try GSK_RENDERER=help"

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