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Gajim 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 have been released 🚀

Gajim 1.5 comes with a significant performance boost. Pinned chats can be ordered via drag and drop, message corrections have been improved, and many bugs have been fixed.

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We are pleased to announce that we got funding by the EU’s #NGI Assure via the NLnet Foundation to work on some important features in Monal.

See the details here: monal-im.org/post/00003-nlnet-

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I like my instant messaging 💬 infrastructure like I like my honey 🍯, decentralized and supplied by small, local vendors.


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The #XMPP Newsletter for August '22 is out!

Read about the latest XMPP client, server & library updates, such as #BeagleIM, #Conversations, #Kaidan & of course the latest updates on our #Standards!

Enjoy reading! 📰 ☕


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New day, new tutorial:

You are an Android user and received a invitation?

Or maybe you are just interested in and/or ?

I wrote a short tutorial (as a short story) describing the first steps of a new Snikket user using the Android app.

It is available in two languages.



Your are an iOS user. Then my other toot may be more interesting for you:

You are an iOS user and received a invitation?

Or maybe you are just interested in and/or ?

I wrote a short tutorial (as a short story) describing the first steps of a new Snikket user using the iOS app .

It is available in two languages.



I just updatet my iOS notification test article. New versions of IM and were released.

You can find the article here:

I did not repeat the notification tests (too time-consuming) because I do not think that the notification behaviour changed in the versions. But I updated the pro and contra list of each app.

Eversten teilte
Eversten teilte

Dear Monal users,

with our latest Monal 5.3.0 release we were finally able to transfer the iOS app from Anu’s developer account to Thilo’s. Due to this transfer Apple does not allow us access to the old keychain the passwords were stored in. All users must therefore re-enter their XMPP passwords.

Please reach out to your XMPP server admins in case you forgot your password. #xmpp #monal #ios

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What's cool in the #XMPP community:

It's a community.

Even the vendors or software developers are reboosting the release notifications of new software version from another vendor/developer to make it spread to a wider audience.

I like that community! :-)

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New version of #SiskinIM, #XMPP client for #iOS, has been released and includes bookmarks management, advanced connectivity options, spam handling and reporting and improvements to synchronisation and connectivity. More information on release page: github.com/tigase/siskin-im/re

I did a quick test of three popular iOS chat app (regarding notification reliability).

I just published the results in a blog post. You can find the results here:


This new blog post is currently only available in English.

I currently selected the following servers for the test:
- magicbroccoli (ejabberd)
- jabbers.one (prosody)
- sure.im (Tigase)
- self-hosted (Snikket)

All tests will be done for every server.

Each swimlane on the board t1p.de/notifications represents one of those servers.

I will also test the Snikket app on other servers. But the test results will be defined as (out of specifications) because Snikket is declared to be used with a Snikket server.

Zeige Konversation

I want to do a quick test of of popular iOS chat apps (regarding notification reliability).

I am not an iOS user but I often recommend XMPP chat apps to other people. I want to know which combination of server and app works best for iOS regarding reliability of notifications in single chats and group chats (MUC).

Please tell me if you think that I am missing something. You can find the testcases here:

I selected the following apps:

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Eversten teilte

Do you want to follow someone who makes really interesting posts, but you don't want to see their boosts?

You can mute people's boosts on Mastodon without muting their ordinary posts.

Log in through the website, go to a person's profile, click "..." and select "hide boosts from".

(To show boosts, do the same thing but select "show boosts".)

This only works for people you follow.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Boosts #Muting #Curation

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What is Debian Junior?

Debian Junior is a Debian Pure Blend.

"Debian Pure Blends are a solution for groups of people with specific needs."

The idea of Debian Junior is

"The goal of Debian Junior is to make Debian an OS that children will enjoy using."

It not only games (Puzzle, Card Games) there are also nice education applications in Debian.


#Debian #DebianJunior
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XMPP is as encrypted-by-default as Matrix. Specifically, encrypted-by-default is a property of the app rather than the protocol.

It's fine to not use/recommend apps that don't encrypt by default, but not using XMPP because they exist is like not using the modern web because some legacy browsers still use HTTP.

FWIW, easy-to-use + encrypted-by-default apps + lightweight self-hostable server describes well what we're building at @snikket_im

@dsfgs @chbmeyer @hackernews @fabyk @olamundo

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Anyone looking for a #decentralized, #private, and #secure instant messenger should check out #XMPP. Its a protocol for IM and much more.

Join a server like email from this list: providers.xmpp.net
Set up a server easily with #Snikket! snikket.org
Send invite links to your friends and family to prompt them to download the app and create an account. You can put them into so called "circles".

Join a public channel! search.jabber.network/

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