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Still looking for an alternative to #GiveUpGitHub? Don't want to host yourself? ⌨️
Join a growing community of developers at #Codeberg today, the #OpenSource and community-maintained #Git-Hosting and #GitHub alternative! 💻

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Heute feiert die Gemeinsame Europäische Agrarpolitik ihren 60. Geburtstag. Wir sagen: eine Politik, die systematisch das Klima, die Artenvielfalt und die Existenz von Bäuer*innen zerstört, hat keine Zukunft! #CrAPpyBirthday #NoReasonToCelebrate

Is there already a free/libre alternative to ? Still looking for something. I want to get rid of some stuff, I don't necessarily need money in return.

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Was wir zur Einhaltung der Klimaziele im Verkehrssektor brauchen:
✅ Tempolimit
✅ 9-Euro-Ticket für Alle
✅ Bahnausbau
Was wir nicht brauchen:
❌ Einen Verkehrsminister, der das alles blockiert

Has anyone ever written a function with reflection that fills one struct with the values of another struct if they have matching field names and types?

I'm currently doing this, it's harder than I expected (with embedded structs), and I was wondering if I could save the work, because someone had a library or something.

I want to get rid of , and I'm currently exporting some still important chats and removing them.

Is there a tool to view and parse the exported chats? I'm wondering if I should use JSON or HTML? I'd love to see a nice GUI solution if possible.

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On Friday the 25th March, #FridaysForFuture calls for the next global #ClimateStrike. Their motto #PeopleNotProfit aligns well with the goals of Codeberg, non-profit and run by donations.

#ClimateCrisis is real, and we should all do more to deal with it. Some ideas in this thread (feel free to share more) ↓

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Hello World, we are #newhere in the Fediverse and want to introduce our project: #FreeRCT A fully free and open source #game in the spirit of RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2.

The game is in an early state, but playable and we are working hard towards a 0.1 release! #introductions

Try it in your browser by visiting freerct.net or directly install it on your machine.

#libregaming #games #FLOSS #gaming

Has anyone got a hint how to disable graphical prompt for and keys, still keeping the agent for both?
Especially SSH got very annoying after upgrading to 11 (Cinnamon Desktop here). Before, I could still minimize the window to fetch my passphrase, but now it is soo sticky that I can't even switch to to enter the key, or copy it etc ...

I wonder why the devs are thinking their stupid popup is more important than anything else, so it sticks above everything.

My little brother asked me for a roller coaster game and I discovered . Sadly, it requires buying the nonfree version of the game for the graphics.

I later found , and find it kinda sad that this little game has so much fewer resources, although it is already playable freely and started earlier AFAIK.


A reported bug was fixed very timely, so although development is slow, it is actively maintained.

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Worauf ich im Fediverse verzichten könnte:

jemand: Postet 1 interessanten Link zu einem Thema

jemand anderes: dA siNd aBeR nOcH tRacKer iN dEr URL

noch so einer: dAs liNkT aBeR zU eiNeM dEr gRoßeN tEcH kOnZeRnE

Leute, davon dass ihr unendlich rumnervt kommen wir dem Datenschutzparadies auf Erden auch nicht näher.

2x Allied Telesyn AT-8024GB with each 24x10/100Baae-T(X), and a total of 3x AT-G8T.

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Teledat 302, arcor Modem 50 B, Siemens ADSL C2-010, Teledat X120, a lot of stuff like that. Also telephones and all kinds of accessories of that time.

I don't know much about this stuff, it's just here around and of no use any more.

I don't want to take the effort of making a list if no one wants it anyway, but if someone is interested or looking for something special among the trash, I'll do so.

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Anyone interested in old network infrastructure, maybe for nostalgia? I have a lot of that stuff, and will happily make a list if someone is interested. Otherwise, I will trash this soon.

@be Hey, I probably missed something, I hope I don't bother you too much.

Can you give me a short summary why you started working on Moiré, rather than continuing with Mixxx? Mainly personal circumstances, or do you think rewriting the app is also better from a technical perspective?

Für nen Projektaccount unterwegs. In ner Mail von steht:

"Woher weiß ich, dass eine E-Mail von Twitter stammt?
Links in dieser E-Mail beginnen mit „https://“ und enthalten „twitter.com“"

Also ist sowohl my-scam-twitter.com als auch twitter.com.phishing24.invalid ne sichere Twitter URL? Good to know.

Once I have too much to do, I fail doing even simple things. I need to figure out to reduce the length of this "todo queue items" in order not to brick me.

Hmm, I'll try to use this post as a starting point to just start doing one thing.

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