GitNex 4.3.0 is coming soon, and with it comes huge refactors, a lot of features, major UI changes.

We hope this release will be worth a praise. 🙂

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I can confirm that there is no 16bit overflow happening on the @gadgetbridge step counter 😎.

Proven with Xiaomi Mi Band 3. I wonder what happens at 100k on the band as it seems that there is only space for 5 digits.

My driver for the @PINE64 #PineDio #LoRa USB adapter is now compatible with #Linux kernel > 5.10!

I also fixed the spi-ch341-usb driver to support kernel > 5.16!

Thanks @codeberg for hosting the code!

version 0.66 has been released and it has been in for a few days by now. The main addition (besides two new supported ⌚ devices) is a nice integration between Fossil Hybrid HR and - a popular FLOSS sport tracking application for Android.

Of course, this release contains also other improvements and changes, you can check out the full Gadgetbridge release blog post for more details here:

Each release is a celebration 🎈🎈🎈 of all the work and effort, here is another one for 0.65.0 with Initial support for Amazfit Pop/Pro watch and for Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones

In order to keep alarms between Gadgetbridge and Amazfit Bip U in sync, reading alarm details (time...) from the watch has been implemented. This should also work on few other Huami devices, but we could only test it on the Bip U so far.

You can read the blog post for more details:

Some people wonder why is it useful to have support in for things like wireless head/ear phones. See pictures of some of the screens provided to adjust parameters of these devices in Gadgetbridge. This allows us to not have to install yet another vendor specific app. Screenshots are for Galaxy Buds (the device card) and Sony WH 1000XM4 (device settings). There are also additional features like battery charts over time. See more details in our wiki:

Just before the minutes of the last day of 2021 run out, the 0️⃣.6️⃣4️⃣.0️⃣ release of is now available on 🎉

It comes with support for Bose QC35 and Sony WF-SP800N 🎧 , for VESC NRF/HM10 speed controllers and with improvements for many devices like , and other. See our blog post with more details

Thanks to the great work of our contributors, here is another version of . Although being "just a dot" release 0.63.1, it is full of great additions and invisible but much appreciated fixes.

New 🔔 icon opens early version of Reminders, where you can set repeated alarms with a text label, like "Go for a walk!" on supported devices.

got initial support for step counting (currently very limited by the device firmware).

Page and Changelog:

Did you know that supports other devices besides smart bracelets? For example the Roidmi Bluetooth FM Transmitter/phone charger (versions 1 and 3 are supported) can be configured with Gadgetbridge to set the desired frequency on which it will transmit music player audio to you car radio.

0.63.0 is now out on -droid . It comes with several new features, fixes and also provides support for new Bluetooth devices, like Sony WH-100XM3 and Galaxy Buds Live earphones, and also for GBD-200 and BD-100 Casio watches.

On popular request, current activity data like steps or sleep is now displayed on the device card, for a quick glance.

See the blog post for more details

0.62.0 has been released :blobcheer:

Time for an update 📣 ...this release is fixing a steps 👣 synchronizing issue that has appeared after the switch from DST back to normal time. Casio STB-1000 and Galaxy Buds 2019 are now newly supported devices . See a blog post with more details here:

@nause_marc @gadgetbridge

I just released an emergency update for #TinyWeatherForecastGermany fixing the #gadgetdridge crashes.

Hopefully, everything will be fine again with version 0.57.3.

It now also adds relative humidity to forecasts @ #gadgetbridge , and not only for the current weather.

0.61.0 is now available on F-Droid ✊

If you own Nothing Ear(1), you are in luck as this release is providing support for this true wireless earbuds. Also, if you long-wished for the Gadgetbridge notification filter to act as a white list, your wish has come true 🚀 and you can now set it this way. Blog post with more description of the 0.61.0 release is here:

Gadgetbridge 0.60.0 is out on F-Droid 🎉

This release finalizes work on supporting new Mi Band firmware/protocol, adds initial support for FitPro bracelets (another cheap brand of fitness bands), plus includes other bug fixes and improvements. See a blog post describing the changes:

0.58.2 is now on F-Droid. There is a bunch of improvements, including battery levels for or a black background for Dark theme for better battery performance on some phones.This release also improves interoperability with sports tracking apps, for example and , see a dedicated blog post:

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