TimeLimit 5.3.0 is now released. The only visible changes are some new dialogs when enabling permissions like the usage stats access. And there is a fix for some crashes at Android 12 which were reported by a user.

Google does not want images or text in the Play Store that indicate a price and I can understand this. But free can have two different meanings: free as in free speech or free as in free beer. This is difficult for a bot (I don't know if this was a bot, but it looks like it). Instead of complaining, I decided to change the Play Store entry of TimeLimit to use the more specific term "FOSS" instead of "free".

Do you see the difference? When using the device owner permission, Android shows "managed by your organization" at the lockscreen. With the new release 5.2.4, you can configure how your "organization" is called. In this case the organization is called "your family" and this looks nicer.

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