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Made my first application for my #pinephone - a Maidenhead locator display based on current location. Everything made in #GTK4 and #Vala.
Programming in Vala was a delight. The barrier to entry is practically nonexistent, and it was really pleasant to use.
GTK, however, not so much. Making UIs in XML is a chore. Glade doesn't support GTK4, new designers seem not to be ready yet.
I hope to slowly add some more features to it. Grab the source at if you want.

has a new feature!
Just a small one but for me an important one.
It is now possible to calculate the illumination intensity of the moon or in other words how much of the moon surface is bright and how much is dark.
Could you think of any other feature which would be interesting for you?

I fixed multiple bugs in the last few days. Furthermore, the resizing transitions of the drawings on the map are much smoother now.
I am really looking forward seeing this app on a or 😍

Motto of the day: If you do it correctly it works...
I had a few annoying bugs which confused me because the signal necessary to solve these was not implemented to the widget class. However, this signal is also not necessary if one does it like it is intended by .
Now that I know how to do it correctly I can also remove a few hundred lines from my code which were just an awful workaround 😅

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Schlechter Job der #EU #Kommission

Wer ein Gesetz zum Schutz von Kinder und Jugendlichen vor sexuellem #Missbrauch vorlegt, muss einen brauchbaren Vorschlag machen, wie der Konflikt mit geschützter privater #Kommunikation und Bewahrung von #Verschlüsselung gelöst wird.

Das ging schief.
#EUKOM: Zieht den Entwurf zurück.

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Morgen 11. Mai um 14 Uhr: Protestaktion gegen die geplante #Chatkontrolle vor der Vertretung der EU-Kommission. Adresse: Unter den Linden 78 in Berlin-Mitte.

#Share #Teilen #Mitmachen

Weitere Infos:

I added some error handling today for cases where e.g. no sunset appears during the day. This can be the case e.g. in Norway during summer where the sun is visible 24 hours. Only four bugs left on my TODO list and then I think it should be save to make a Flatpak out of PicPlanner and share it with everyone.


I just added automatic time zone (TZ) detection. I think it makes much more sense to provide all information dependent on the local TZ. However, the detection is not that accurate since I am using the offline TZ information provided by libgweather. It has just a limited amount of data points which can result in wrong TZs. Nevertheless, I would guess in most of the cases the TZ will be correct and if not there will be an option to set the TZ manually.

OK I think I compiled my app as a Flatpak today. With Gnome Builder this is not even that hard I really thought this would be much more difficult.
Furthermore, I added automatic timezone detection. So dependent on the position you chooses on the map, the timezone adjusts automatically. However, this caused a strange bug... But nothing I will solve today anymore. I need more sleep 😄

It is now possible to specify which information should be shown on the map and which shouldn't.
Furthermore, one can now get the elevation and azimuth of sun, moon and milky way at the time one selected.
Thanks to it also looks cool in dark mode.
It looks more and more like a real application 😄

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Here is a blog of my first experiences with the #Librem5 as a daily driver. It is my intention to update the blog regularly, and create each day a new blog post the coming week.

With the new draw layer I finally have a working method to show the position of sun, moon and milky way (bug free) on the map.
Furthermore, I made a few changes how e.g. sunrise and sunsrt is calculated to match the intuition of most users better.
I am still confident that it should be possible to release the first stable version within this year 😄

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In Sommer 2022 schaffen einige Banken das smsTAN-Verfahren ab. Dessen Nutzerinnen und Nutzer sollten rechtzeitig auf eine Alternative umstellen, die dann einen ChipTAN-Generator oder ein Smartphone erfordert.

Hierbei muss beachtet werden, dass nicht jede Bank jedes TAN-Verfahren anbietet und diese durchaus unterschiedliche Sicherheitseigenschaften aufweisen.

Weitere Informationen:

#BSI #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI

After 600+ lines of code I am asking myself if I am still fixing a bug or already adding a feature...

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Gerade meine erste App für #UbuntuTouch im #OpenStore veröffentlicht. Bin super stolz, mir ist aber auch bewusst, dass erfahrene Programmierer den Quelltext wohl nicht ohne Schmerzen lesen können. 😬

Published my first app for Ubuntu Touch in the OpenStore. Feel proud, but am aware that reading the source might be painful for experienced programmers. 😬

I just "finished" rewriting the 'ShumatePathLayer' and 'ShumateMarker' objects from the GNOME Shumate library (map data provider) to fit my needs better.
This was necessary because the PathLayer has some disadvantages for my specific needs. I think due to these complete new objects I have much more possibilities to visualize stuff directly on the map.
It took me really long to understand how to do this but I think I learned a lot!

You want to know when you should be in Paris to take a picture of the Eiffel tower with the sunset in the background?
can now answer this question: 10th of June between 20:30 and 21:00 should be best!
(e. & o.e.! 😂)

: What do you think about my first rudimentary version of the offline location search? In my opinion this should be enough for now especially because programming the search function was much more complicated to realize then expected and the online search seems even more complicated.
In the video you can see the current state of the app 😊

: I am getting closer to have a working offline location search with location data from . I think I (for now) won't add online search functionality because I think there is no real benefit.
Furthermore, for me this whole search stuff is much more complicated than anything else in this app and the code is still ugly...
I will dig deeper into the search functionality when everything else works but for now I already invested to much time into this not essential part 😄

: Today I started to connect the UI, which shows the information about the sun, to the calculations of the position. It's nice to finally see some kind of results.
My application is now able to show rise and set of sun, moon and milky way in the overview section. In the Sun section it can show the time of blue and golden hour and when the dark night starts and ends. Furthermore, the azimuth angle of the sunrise and sunset is calculated. The Moon and Milky Way section will follow soon.

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